(7th November 2014) – The Centre for Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases (CTTBD) in collaboration with Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines (GALVmed) be launched on Friday 5th December as a centre of excellence in the East Coast Fever (ECF) vaccine production within Africa.

The newly refurbished, state-of-the-art centre produces the ‘one shot for life’ Muguga trivalent (cocktail) East Coast Fever vaccine with institutional support from GALVmed.

The centre, formerly known as the Vaccine Production Centre, was established in 1979 by the African Union and rebranded CTTBD in 2000. It was set up as a self-financing trust to assist with the management of ticks and tick-borne diseases in the region. The main objective of CTTBD is to provide support for the development of the livestock industry in Africa through:

  • Training in epidemiology and tick-borne diseases
  • Control techniques
  • Production of quality-assured vaccines for tick-borne diseases
  • Backup services to tick-borne disease vaccine application in the field
  • Assistance in the investigation and control of tick-borne diseases

CTTBD is now producing the ECF vaccine, originally developed and produced by the renowned, Nairobi-based International Livestock Research Institute. Tick-borne diseases are one of the major constraining factors in the development of the African livestock industry. ECF is the most deadly of the tick-borne diseases as it kills millions of cattle annually. It affects 11 countries in Africa including: Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The disease devastates the livelihoods of dairy producers, pastoral livestock herders and small-scale crop and livestock farmers.

The launch will include a keynote address and remarks from different dignitaries including ministers, representatives from the Africa Union, GALVmed, representatives from the private sector, research institutions and other partners.




  1. Alex Eggen DVM

    I wish the new CTTBD a lot of success in the years to come. I worked between 1982 and 1984 at the ECF vaccine production centre and came back in 2008 with my family for a private visit. We all were very impressed by the activities going on at the centre and the staff really deserves the trust and appreciation of the international community. ECF is too important to let go and this centre will be of crucial role to help the dairy and beef farmers. Again wishing all the staff members a lot of success!

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  2. cttbdlaunch Post author

    Thank you Alex for your kind words. Stay tuned to our website to find out more about our CTTBD launch coming up on the 5th December. Perhaps you’ll see some photos of people you know!


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